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Genesis-In-The-Glow-Of-The-NIght-Domino-Part-One-matherton-street-harmonic -rhythm-chart-white-house-matherton-street-chart-10-12The Beatles MeanSpeed Chart - tempo map - Love To You - The Beatles - 3

After my brain aneurysm, I found that I had organized so much by short term memory that passwords to many safe “places” on the web, not written down, were gone with the part of muy memories that if not doed went into amnesia.

What’s cool for me is that the aneurysm tyoe I had wa supposed to in Scan predictions, be nighly dangerous in losing all emotional control through simple mental self-control – often based on my favorite Carly Simon song that day! She defines was a trie celebrity is.

IMG_0004 Louis Armstrong – Meanspeed Music Conceptual Tempo Chart – What A Wonderful World[/caption]

Lee_Greenwood_God_Bless_The_USA_mp3_lyrics_illegal20thereofre20not20provided-20meanspeed_still20tempo20m-001Genesis-In-The-Glow-Of-The-NIght-Domino-Part-One-matherton-street-harmonic -rhythm-chart-white-house-matherton-street-chart-012162Takin-Care-Of-Business-Bachman-Turner-Overdrive-mean-speed-music-post-tempo-imageMind games Universal Standard Tempo map 2 Dr. Phil

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