The Rolling Stones – “Wild Horses” – declassified music tempo maps

The Rolling Stones

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

The Rolling Stones

“You Can’t Always get What You want”

The Boston Rag | Steely Dan | Declassified tempo map

Steve Winwood, “While You See A Chance” – declassified median expected tempo graphs

Steve Winwood, “While You See A Chance” median expected tempo graph

“Wild Horses” — Rolling Stones — declassified tempo chart

Rolling Stones, “Wild Horses”

The Fields, The Sky | Pat Metheny Group | unclassified tempo map

The Fields, The Sky | matherton_tempo_map
The Fields, The Sky Pat Metheny Group tempo chart

Genesis, Supper’s Ready As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs – unclassified tempo maps

Genesis’ song No Son Of Mine modern tempo map illustrates how speed and music interact

Supper’s Ready, part9, As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs

As Sure As Eggds Is Eggs, Supper’s Ready part 9

The song Supper’s Ready by Genesis was written by bandleader Peter Gabriel during a manic episode. The rest of the band, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, MIke Rutherford, Steve Hackett filled out the rest of the parts.

Greg Phillinganes leads Collins, Clapton and East in song referencing Psychology Breakdown | Unclassified tempo probability map – White Room, Eric Clapton

What is going on with Adam Wilson?

Similarly and parallel to The Young and the Restless’ Adam, The Bold And the Beautiful is featuring a plot right out of a Hitchcock film or “Presents.”

illustration of speed measurement of song of drama
white room

The difference of course is in that what daily drama series relies on: we, the viewer, have no idea when the story is ever ending, or if it is ever ending. Unlike knowing a movie is two hours, and knowing a book ends on the last page, daytime drama, could, Tootsies-style, stop on a proverbial dime. It could also go on another thousand years. Even Shakespeare wrote in soap opera form. Charles Dickens honed his craft on: the soap operas of his time. A Tale Of Two Cities was one of many books originally written as “soap operas.”

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